Many customers who frequent Food Bunker are aware that our business is geared towards supplying consumers, businesses and other institutions with medium to long-term supply solutions. However, if you’ve ever visited our website you would know that we also have a small product range available for households who specifically want a quick and easy way to improve their emergency preparedness. This article outlines the new product range we have recently added to our private customer offering by way of three new ‘grab bag’ options for those looking for a one-off solution.

What is a grab bag?

A grab bag is a term typically used to describe a specifically developed bag containing key essentials needed to facilitate a swift exit. In the case of Food Bunker, we have actually created five unique grab bags that have been designed with different customer needs in mind. Those who visit Food Bunker may have noticed that we have a collection of grab bag options available to purchase online. This article outlines the three grab bag options now available to individual customers.

Grab bag options for vegetarians

We have a small selection of products that are meat-free. These grab bags are perfect for those with a strict vegetarian diet. Although in a crisis scenario people may need to flex their standards and be less choosey, to many vegetarians their values are very high up in their decision making process – if you’re going to be well prepared for an emergency, you want to ensure that, if you have the choice, you are selecting products that are aligned with your values.

Grab bag options for long-term food storage

Our grab bag products have a range of shelf lives – from 5 years all the way to 25 years.  This allows households to purchase emergency grab bags and simply store them in a cool dry place such as under the stairs, until they need them.  Knowing that you’ve prepared for an emergency, and can relax with peace of mind is almost invaluable, but ensuring that the emergency food is still safe to consume when a crisis strikes is also fundamental to this.  Whether you are looking at Readywise products or Food Bunkers unique range, there are options to suit all requirements.

Grab bag options for emergency situations

If you are preparing for an emergency situation, one of these grab bag options will provide you with a selection of items that are perfect for this situation.  We have 48 hour survival food grab bags, 3 day packs, adventure packs and food and emergency equipment mixed grab bags. At different prices and contents, you’ll be able to select the ideal grab bag to meet your needs – whether it is one per person, or one per household, you’ll want to ensure you are well prepared.


If you are new to Food Bunker, we would love for you to visit our website. If you are an existing customer, we suggest you might like to take a look at these new options. They are a great way to prepare for a more volatile and uncertain future, and they also make great gifts. If you have any questions or queries, you can reach out to us via our website, email or by phone.

New Product Range from Food Bunker: Emergency Grab Bags